The College of the French National Gaming Authority (ANJ) has opted for a comprehensive review of its catalog of eligible sports bets, marking a significant shift in the country’s sports betting landscape. Since 2010, French sports bettors have been constrained to specific wagers on designated sports. However, over the years, the ‘sports list’ has undergone numerous updates, leading to concerns about its coherence and consistency, as acknowledged by the ANJ.

The updated sports list, slated to be enforced on March 1, 2024, aims to combat market manipulation by prohibiting bets that do not rely on the expertise and sporting knowledge of the bettors. The revision also seeks to curtail betting on select competitions.

One of the primary adjustments involves the removal of 179 competitions from the list of events that can be wagered on. Reasons for removal vary, including competitions no longer being practiced, concerns about manipulation, and failing to meet legal criteria due to a perceived lack of significance or notoriety. Notable examples include the exclusion of the first-level Tunisian football championship.

The revised list now encompasses 772 competitions, reflecting a more streamlined and targeted approach. While the update introduces new language to articulate restrictions on the types of results punters can bet on, the overall number of available bets remains unchanged, with bets now categorized more broadly.

Moreover, the new regulations lift certain restrictions and caps on tennis and basketball betting. For instance, limitations surrounding result types like “player(s) who score(s) 20 points or more” in basketball have been removed.

This decision follows the ANJ’s recent examination of upcoming gambling advertising proposals from operators in the nation. The comprehensive revamp of sports betting regulations underscores the ANJ’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the market and fostering responsible and informed sports wagering practices in France.

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