On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has partnered with RG24seven Virtual Training to introduce a set of free online training materials aimed at addressing human trafficking in the gaming industry.

The comprehensive materials, made available on January 11, incorporate insights from non-profits, law enforcement, and the AGA’s own Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. The training package includes videos and quizzes designed to educate participants, who will receive a verified certificate upon completing the program. Organizations seeking company-wide access to these materials can contact RG24seven directly.

Alex Costello, Vice President of Government Relations at AGA, emphasized the industry’s commitment to combating human trafficking, stating, “The AGA is proud to lead the industry’s fight against this abhorrent crime and this free training empowers employees at all levels to spot and prevent cases of human trafficking.”

Notably, the AGA is not the sole entity in the gambling industry taking steps to address human trafficking. Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming have also expanded their education programs, tools, and resources to combat this issue. Over the years, Hard Rock has trained more than 27,000 hotel and casino employees in trafficking awareness and prevention.

AGA’s initiative extends beyond training; it will be releasing an industry-specific anti-human trafficking toolkit in collaboration with Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Additionally, the AGA will host events at the University of Maryland’s SAFE Center and various U.S. government offices, further contributing to the fight against human trafficking in the gaming sector.

RG24seven CEO Wendy Anderson expressed her honor in collaborating with the AGA to advance human trafficking prevention within the industry. The launch of these materials underscores a collective effort within the gaming industry to raise awareness, educate, and actively combat human trafficking.

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