In a resounding victory against unfair gaming practices, renowned online poker operator 888poker proudly announces the recovery of an impressive $362,893 for 4,068 players during the course of 2023. The funds were retrieved on behalf of players who had fallen victim to AI poker bots or Real-Time Assistance (RTA), showcasing the company’s commitment to maintaining a fair and secure gaming environment.

Employing sophisticated and innovative detection methods, 888poker successfully identified and rectified instances where players were adversely affected by the use of AI bots or RTA. Throughout the year, a total of 161 accounts engaged in such illicit practices were promptly blocked, underscoring the operator’s unwavering dedication to upholding fair play.

The cumulative amount refunded to players since 2021 has now surpassed an impressive $1.2 million, demonstrating 888poker’s consistent efforts to protect its user base. This milestone builds upon the successes of the previous year, where the operator returned $287,292 to players in 2022, addressing violations of the group’s fair gaming policy.

Matan Krakow, Head of Poker Offering at 888poker, highlighted the collaborative nature of this achievement, stating, “Our continued progress in tackling bots has been driven not only by our increased investment in our detection capabilities but also through the continued support and cooperation of our players, who have an important role to play in helping provide us with vital information about players they think are using AI and RTA.”

Krakow further emphasized the collaborative approach, noting, “We also continue to consult with advisors who help us to analyse hand histories and detect non-human patterns. Based on feedback we are receiving, we believe that 888poker is at the very forefront of the industry when it comes to ensuring a clean and safe playing environment. It is an ongoing effort, and we will continue to do all we can to ensure we keep poker fun and fair, and listening to our players will continue to be a key factor to progress on this front.” As 888poker stands at the vanguard of the industry, players can confidently look forward to a secure and enjoyable poker experience in the years to come.

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