The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has directed Tabcorp to shift the majority of its Electronic Betting Terminals (EBTs) in Victoria to cashless operations. 

Tabcorp’s betting terminals will no longer take cash bets unless they are placed within five meters and in the counter’s line of sight in compliance with these state regulations.

Around 70% of Tabcorp’s 1800 EBTs, which are dispersed around Victoria, will only accept vouchers as of late January 2024. Patrons aiming to utilize these terminals must approach the counter to acquire a voucher with mandatory identification checks for individuals who appear to be under 25.

With this transition, Tabcorp is required to implement an independent “mystery shopper” program, ensuring venues effectively verify the identification of users. This strategic initiative by VGCCC comes in response to persistent breaches over the past eight months, leading to charges against Tabcorp and nine venues for offenses such as allowing minors in gaming machine areas, enabling minors to gamble, and inadequate supervision of EBTs.

Annette Kimmitt AM, CEO of VGCCC, stressed that these stringent measures are a direct response to ongoing violations despite prior warnings. She asserted, “It is inexcusable to accept a bet from a minor and tougher actions are required to protect the community, especially children, from gambling harm. Venue staff are the first line of defence in protecting minors from gambling. We have taken decisive measures where they have failed to take their responsibilities seriously.”

Tabcorp now faces a total of 72 charges related to permitting minors to gamble and failing to supervise its EBTs. In the event of guilt, potential fines could collectively surpass one million Australian dollars for the operators, with Tabcorp confronting a maximum penalty of AU$969,236 (US$644,886). The imposition of these measures reflects the commitment of the VGCCC to uphold the integrity of gambling regulations and ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable demographics.

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