National lottery Azerlotereya has just thrown its hat into the ring of digital gaming by striking a partnership deal with Bulgaria-based gaming supplier 7777 Gaming. In this thrilling collaboration, five exciting games inspired by Azerlotereya’s popular digital lottery concepts are now live, promising a unique blend of engaging narratives and cutting-edge technology.

Azerlotereya has hit the jackpot with this collaboration, bringing to life five captivating games on its platform: Sea of Treasure, Diamonds of Majesty, Lucky Clover, Bucks Detective, and Cash 20x. These games are not just digital recreations; they aim to elevate the gaming experience by seamlessly merging compelling stories with state-of-the-art technology.

The agreement outlines an ambitious plan for 7777 Gaming to deliver a total of 20 games to Azerlotereya by the end of 2024. Brace yourselves for a monthly dose of fresh excitement as a specially designed game will be added to the collection each month throughout the year. Exclusive to Azerlotereya’s platform, these games promise a gaming adventure like no other. 

Asya Raykova, Account Manager at 7777 Gaming, expressed the team’s thrill, remarking, “We are thrilled to embark on this extraordinary journey with Azerlotereya. Crafting custom games is not just our expertise; it’s our passion. We’re eager to bring a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience to Azerlotereya’s audience, setting new standards in the digital lottery space.”

Ayten Rzali, E-instant lotteries Product Manager at Azerlotereya, expressed eagerness with regards to the collaboration, saying, “This collaboration with 7777 Gaming marks a significant step forward for Azerlotereya. We are thrilled to offer our players an exclusive array of custom games, each designed to provide an unmatched gaming adventure. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment to our valued customers.”

Earlier this month, 7777 Gaming solidified its presence in the Balkan region through a collaboration with Macedonian operator Megawin. This move underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its footprint in diverse gaming markets.

In a strategic move towards the end of last year, 7777 Gaming marked its presence in Mexico through a partnership with NetBet. This expansion demonstrates the company’s global ambitions and its ability to cater to diverse gaming audiences.

Towards the end of the previous year, 7777 Gaming experienced significant growth across Eastern Europe. Deals with Magicbet, Everbet, and Superbet in Bulgaria and Romania showcased the company’s prowess in forming strategic partnerships across borders.

The collaboration with 7777 Gaming marks a significant step forward for Azerlotereya, allowing the company to offer exclusive custom games and enhance its commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment. It also signifies a remarkable journey into the world of digital gaming, promising an unmatched experience for players. As the partnership unfolds, with monthly game additions and exclusive content, the gaming community can expect a new era of excitement and innovation.

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