SCCG Management, a prominent advisory firm specializing in the gaming industry, has recently announced significant expansions in two key regions—Africa and the Philippines. This strategic move underscores SCCG Management’s commitment to enhancing its global footprint and delivering unparalleled expertise in the rapidly evolving iGaming sector.

SCCG Management Expands Presence in Africa and the Philippines

Joseph Oyekunle’s Appointment as SCCG Africa Continent Manager

Joseph Oyekunle has been appointed as the new SCCG Africa Continent Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in iGaming sales and business development. With a proven track record in both B2B and B2C sectors across Africa, Europe, and beyond, Oyekunle is known for his target-driven approach and deep understanding of the gaming industry.

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, expressed his enthusiasm about Oyekunle’s appointment, emphasizing his belief that Oyekunle’s expertise aligns perfectly with SCCG Management’s mission to provide innovative solutions and expert guidance to clients. Oyekunle himself conveyed his excitement about joining SCCG Management, highlighting his eagerness to drive growth and spearhead strategic initiatives in Africa.

SCCG Management’s Expansion into Africa

The expansion into Africa marks a pivotal moment for SCCG. With Joseph Oyekunle at the helm, SCCG Africa aims to leverage his extensive industry knowledge and global experience to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities in the African gaming market. This move is expected to bolster SCCG’s position as a leader in advisory services tailored to the iGaming sector.

Africa presents a dynamic landscape for gaming, characterized by rapid digital transformation and increasing consumer demand for innovative gaming experiences. SCCG’s expansion strategy not only focuses on market penetration but also on fostering partnerships and driving sustainable growth across the continent.

John Ross Calderon’s Appointment as SCCG Philippines Country Manager

Simultaneously, SCCG Management has appointed John Ross Calderon as the SCCG Philippines Country Manager, reinforcing its commitment to expanding its presence in Asia. Calderon brings a wealth of expertise in gaming and a deep understanding of the Philippine market, which is recognized for its vibrant and growing gaming industry.

In his statement, Calderon expressed his enthusiasm about joining SCCG and emphasized his dedication to driving growth, innovation, and success in the Philippines. This appointment marks SCCG’s strategic initiative to tap into the burgeoning Asian gaming market and deliver tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients in the region.

Strategic Implications of SCCG Management’s Expansion

SCCG’s dual expansion into Africa and the Philippines signifies its proactive approach to enhancing global market presence and solidifying its reputation as a trusted advisor in the iGaming sector. By appointing seasoned industry professionals like Joseph Oyekunle and John Ross Calderon, SCCG aims to leverage their expertise to navigate complex market landscapes, forge strategic alliances, and deliver value-driven solutions to clients.

The expansion strategy not only focuses on geographic diversification but also on deepening client relationships, fostering innovation, and capitalizing on emerging trends in the global gaming industry. SCCG’s commitment to excellence and strategic growth positions it competitively amidst evolving market dynamics and increasing demand for specialized advisory services.


SCCG Management’s recent expansions into Africa and the Philippines underscore its strategic vision to expand its global footprint and deliver unparalleled advisory services in the dynamic iGaming industry. With the appointments of Joseph Oyekunle and John Ross Calderon, SCCG is well-positioned to capitalize on regional opportunities, drive innovation, and achieve sustained growth across diverse markets.

FAQs About the SCCG Management’s Expansion in Africa and the Philippines

1. Who is Joseph Oyekunle?

Joseph Oyekunle is the newly appointed SCCG Africa Continent Manager at SCCG Management. He brings extensive experience in iGaming sales and business development, specializing in both B2B and B2C sectors across Africa, Europe, and other regions.

2. What does SCCG specialize in?

It is a leading advisory firm in the gaming industry, providing specialized services and expert guidance to clients involved in iGaming.

3. Why did SCCG expand into Africa?

It expanded into Africa to capitalize on the growing opportunities in the African gaming market. With Joseph Oyekunle’s leadership, the company aims to leverage his industry knowledge and experience to drive growth and establish a stronger presence in the region.

4. Who is John Ross Calderon?

John Ross Calderon is the newly appointed SCCG Philippines Country Manager at SCCG Management. He brings extensive expertise in gaming and a deep understanding of the Philippine market, aiming to drive growth and innovation in the Asian region.

5. What are SCCG’s strategic goals with these appointments?

The company’s strategic goals with these appointments include expanding its global footprint, strengthening its position in regional markets like Africa and the Philippines, fostering innovation, and delivering tailored solutions to meet client needs in the dynamic iGaming sector.

6. How does the company plan to achieve success in Africa and the Philippines?

SCCG plans to achieve success by leveraging the extensive industry knowledge and experience of Joseph Oyekunle and John Ross Calderon. This includes forging strategic partnerships, capitalizing on emerging trends, and delivering value-driven solutions to clients in each respective market.

7. What can clients expect from SCCG Management’s expansion initiatives?

Clients can expect SCCG to enhance its service offerings, provide innovative solutions tailored to regional market needs, and deepen its commitment to delivering expert advisory services in the iGaming industry.

8. How does SCCG Management plan to navigate the challenges of expanding into new regions?

The SCCG plans to navigate challenges through strategic planning, market research, leveraging local expertise, and maintaining a commitment to excellence in client service and industry knowledge.


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