, a leading online lottery services provider, has made a significant strategic move in the digital entertainment landscape by acquiring S&MI Ltd, the parent company of SportLocker, and launching it as This transformative acquisition marks the emergence of as a next-generation digital sports entertainment platform, poised to redefine the way fans engage with sports content.

The acquisition of SportLocker aligns with’s accelerated growth strategy, focusing on premium content bundling and optimizing direct connections with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for efficient user acquisition. With, aims to attract exclusive marketing partners and drive sustainable brand growth through synergistic collaborations and innovative offerings. is set to revolutionize digital sports entertainment by offering a comprehensive platform that integrates 24/7 sports news, live streaming, and a diverse array of engaging content. From original documentaries to exclusive behind-the-scenes access, promises to deliver unparalleled sports experiences to fans worldwide. The acquisition reflects a shared vision between and SportLocker to elevate the platform and enhance user engagement.

Initially launching in the USA and Europe, with a strategic focus on the Middle East, has ambitious global expansion plans. By targeting high-energy sports such as soccer, motor racing, football, MMA, and ice hockey, aims to become a premier destination for sports enthusiasts across the globe. The platform seeks to cater to diverse audiences and create a new era of sports engagement through innovative content and immersive experiences.

Throughout 2024, plans to introduce additional features and invest in innovative technologies to enhance the user experience and community engagement. Emphasizing community building and social media interactions with sports stars, aims to foster a vibrant and interactive sports community. Leveraging established partnerships with MNOs, will offer localized branded sports content services, delivering tailored experiences to users worldwide. is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in sports by launching a dedicated program exclusively for women’s sports. Through innovative fan engagement methods, sponsorship acquisition, and revenue generation for clubs and teams, aims to amplify the visibility and impact of women’s sports on a global scale. This initiative reflects’s dedication to championing equality and empowering female athletes.

Matthew McGahan, chairman and CEO of and, emphasizes the transformative potential of integrating SportLocker into the ecosystem. McGahan envisions as a groundbreaking media platform that brings fans closer to the sports they love. With a proven track record of innovation and success in the lottery industry, is well-positioned to drive growth and innovation in the digital sports entertainment sector.’s launch of signifies a bold leap into the future of digital sports entertainment. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, premium content, and strategic partnerships, aims to revolutionize the sports media landscape and redefine fan engagement. With a commitment to innovation, growth, and community building, is poised to become a global leader in the intersection of sports and technology.

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