Aviatrix has entered into a strategic partnership with Games Global, marking a significant milestone in the global iGaming industry. This collaboration aims to enhance Aviatrix’s brand visibility worldwide while enriching Games Global’s content portfolio for its diverse user base.

Aviatrix Partners with Games Global

Partnership Details and Strategic Expansion

The partnership centers around the launch of Aviatrix’s crash game across multiple jurisdictions. This move not only solidifies Aviatrix’s presence but also diversifies Games Global’s gaming offerings, catering to the evolving preferences of online gaming enthusiasts globally.

Mikalai Pobal, Co-Founder and CEO at Aviatrix, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We highly respect Games Global for their rapid team assembly and innovative approach, which aligns closely with Aviatrix’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. With Games Global’s support, we are poised to deliver even greater value to our players and strengthen our market position as trusted providers.”

Aviatrix’s Strategic Moves: Brazilian Market Expansion

In November, Aviatrix expanded its footprint in Brazil through a strategic partnership with NGX, a leading platform provider in the region. This initiative underscores its proactive approach in tapping into emerging markets and enhancing accessibility to its innovative gaming solutions.

Games Global’s Recent Developments and Strategic Direction

For Games Global, the partnership with Aviatrix comes amid significant company developments, including a pause in their Initial Public Offering (IPO) to capitalize on their successful phase following the US launch. The company’s exclusive partnership with the UFC further highlights its commitment to offering top-tier gaming content and solidifying its position in the competitive iGaming sector.

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, emphasized the strategic importance of integrating Aviatrix’s crash game into their Games Global Plus aggregation platform. Booth remarked, “At Games Global, we continuously strive to curate the best gaming content for operators, and partnering with Aviatrix enhances our third-party offerings significantly. The launch of Aviatrix’s crash game has garnered positive feedback and we are eager to collaborate further to ensure sustained success.”

Conclusion: Driving Innovation and Expansion in iGaming

The partnership represents a convergence of innovation and strategic expansion in the iGaming landscape. As both companies continue to push boundaries and innovate, players can expect a broader array of high-quality gaming experiences across various markets.

FAQs About the Aviatrix Partnership with Games Global

1. What is the partnership between Aviatrix and Games Global about?

 To launch its crash game across multiple jurisdictions. This collaboration aims to expand Aviatrix’s presence in the global iGaming market and diversify Games Global’s content offerings for its users.

2. Why is the partnership between Aviatrix and Games Global significant?

The partnership allows Aviatrix to leverage Games Global’s platform to introduce its crash game to a broader audience globally. It enhances Aviatrix’s brand recognition and enriches Games Global’s portfolio with innovative gaming content.

3. How has Aviatrix expanded in the Brazilian market?

Aviatrix strengthened its Brazilian presence through a partnership with NGX, a leading platform provider in the region. This strategic move enables Aviatrix to cater to the growing demand for online gaming in Brazil, leveraging NGX’s expertise and infrastructure.

4. What recent developments have occurred at Games Global?

Games Global recently paused its Initial Public Offering (IPO) following a successful phase post-US launch. The company also secured an exclusive partnership with the UFC and continues to focus on enhancing its gaming content offerings globally.

5. How does Games Global integrate Aviatrix’s crash game into its platform?

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, highlighted that Aviatrix’s crash game is integrated into the Games Global Plus aggregation platform. This integration aims to enhance the platform’s third-party gaming content and provide users with a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

6. What are the benefits of playing Aviatrix’s crash game on Games Global?

Players on Games Global can enjoy Aviatrix’s crash game, known for its innovative gameplay and high-quality experience. The partnership ensures that users have access to cutting-edge gaming content and enhances the overall gaming portfolio offered by Games Global.

7. What is the strategic direction for Aviatrix and Games Global moving forward?

Both are focused on driving innovation in the iGaming industry, expanding their market presence, and delivering superior gaming experiences to their global audience. Collaborations and strategic partnerships remain pivotal in achieving these goals.

8. How can I learn more about Aviatrix and Games Global’s gaming offerings?

For more information about Aviatrix’s crash game, Games Global’s platform features, and the latest updates from both companies, visit their official websites or follow their social media channels.

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