Altenar, a leading sportsbook and iGaming software provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Splash Tech, a renowned provider of free-to-play engagement tools for online sportsbooks and casinos worldwide. This collaboration aims to elevate customer experience by integrating Splash Tech’s innovative suite of free-to-play sports products into Altenar’s platform.

Altenar Partners with Splash Tech to Enhance Customer Experience with Free-to-Play Sports Products

Enhancing Player Engagement Through Innovative Tools

Splash Tech is widely recognized for its robust portfolio of free-to-play engagement tools designed to enrich user experience across various online gaming platforms. With Altenar’s integration of its offerings, operators can now leverage advanced features such as the Daily Jackpot Predictor, Pick6, and PlayBuilder—a cutting-edge bet builder game. These tools are available in 16 different languages, ensuring a global reach and catering to diverse player preferences.

Driving Traffic and Retention in a Competitive Market

The partnership underscores Altenar’s commitment to providing its operators with state-of-the-art solutions aimed at boosting player engagement and retention. By integrating Splash Tech’s free-to-play sports product suite, Altenar empowers operators to enhance customer loyalty through interactive gaming experiences and attractive prizes. This strategic move not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also strengthens Altenar’s position in the competitive iGaming market.

Insights from Altenar and Splash Tech Leadership

Dinos Doxiadis, Altenar’s Sportsbook Product Development Manager, emphasized the significance of free-to-play games in user retention and engagement strategies. He highlighted that the collaboration with Splash Tech aligns with Altenar’s vision to offer unparalleled tools that enable operators to thrive globally.

Splash Tech CEO Adam Wilson expressed excitement about driving engagement across Altenar’s network through their world-class product suite. He praised Altenar’s growth trajectory and affirmed his commitment to enhancing player interaction and satisfaction.

Recent Developments and Future Prospects

In addition to the partnership with Splash Tech, Altenar has recently expanded its offerings by integrating Kero Gaming’s micro-betting solution—a move aimed at further enriching its product portfolio and catering to evolving market demands. These strategic initiatives underscore Altenar’s proactive approach to innovation and its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to the iGaming industry.

Conclusion: The Collaboration

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of online gaming technology. By integrating Splash Tech’s advanced free-to-play engagement tools, Altenar is poised to enhance operator capabilities, drive player engagement, and reinforce its market leadership. As the iGaming landscape continues to evolve, Altenar remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that set new benchmarks in user experience and operational excellence.

FAQs About the Partnership between Altenar and Splash Tech

1. What is Altenar’s recent partnership with Splash Tech about?

The partnership aims to enhance user engagement and player retention across online sportsbooks and casinos.

2. What specific tools will be integrated into Altenar’s platform?

The integration will include Splash Tech’s Daily Jackpot Predictor, Pick6, and PlayBuilder, which are designed to offer interactive and engaging experiences for players. These tools will be available in 16 different languages, catering to a global audience.

3. How does Altenar plan to benefit from this partnership?

Altenar aims to strengthen its position in the competitive iGaming market by providing advanced free-to-play tools to its operators. This move is expected to boost customer loyalty, drive traffic to operator sites, and enhance overall gaming experience.

4. What insights did Altenar and Splash Tech leadership share about the partnership?

Dinos Doxiadis, Altenar’s Sportsbook Product Development Manager, highlighted the importance of free-to-play games in user retention strategies. Splash Tech CEO Adam Wilson expressed enthusiasm about leveraging their product suite to enhance engagement across Altenar’s network.

5. Apart from Splash Tech, has Altenar entered into any other recent partnerships?

Yes, Altenar also integrated Kero Gaming’s micro-betting solution as part of a multi-year partnership, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its product offerings and meeting market demands.

6. What are the strategic implications of these partnerships for Altenar?

These partnerships underscore Altenar’s proactive approach to innovation and its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the iGaming industry. They are pivotal in strengthening Altenar’s competitiveness and market leadership.

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